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Language School

Preparation for Nationally and Internationally accredited Language certificates

The School

The school boasts the title of “Cambridge Preparation Centre” authorized and “Trinity College London Centre” no. 33061

The Method

Quality of teaching and the professionalism of the services supported by the qualifications and enthusiasm of the entire teaching staff.

The Exams

Each course is structured to provide the necessary preparation to face the most important international English language exams with success.

The Levels

Insidenglish offers its students 8 standard levels guiding them to ‘English Proficiency’.

Our Promise to Students

  • You will find a qualified and professional staff;
  • Your level of linguistic competence and your progress will be carefully evaluated, analysed, and monitored;
  • You will find teaching methodologies, study materials, and updated resources;
  • You will participate in classroom activities that develop 360° language skills;
  • You will have the opportunity to consult the Director of Studies for any doubts or problems;
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in conversation, in-depth, practice, and complete exam illustration lessons through the “extra” activity program provided during the school year;
  • You can borrow material from our library equipped for students;
  • You can book “help” with a tutor, for particular needs or for any educational recovery;
  • You can prepare for exams which will allow you to obtain certifications recognized at both national and international level.


The wide range of courses offered by INSIDENGLISH can meet the needs of any student who wishes to learn English. The courses follow the guidelines laid out by the CEF (Common European Framework) of the Council of Europe and provide a systematic and practical development of the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


Asses your kwonledge of English

Each student, prior to enrolment, has the opportunity to take a test to check his or her INSIDENGLISH level.


Assess your knowledge of English

Each student, prior to enrolment, has the opportunity to take a test to check his or her INSIDENGLISH level.


The levels used at Insidenglish adhere to the standards recommended by the CEF

Cambridge Preparation Centre

International English Language Testing System

Trinity College London Centre n° 33061


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Professional choice

Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation and multiple choice challenge.

Wide range of Courses

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Professional staff

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