About Us

The School

The English language has been a fundamental step on the educational pathway to aid students in improving their educational prospects, but also their entrance into the world of work. English is, in fact, the language of the world as regards trade, scientific research, global communication, the Internet, cultural exchanges and much, much more. In a world increasingly without borders, English is the key to break down the last barriers in progress.

Insidenglish is a dynamic language centre founded in 2006 and dedicated, as the name itself says, to those who want to learn English in a thorough and exhaustive fashion.

The school boasts the title of “Cambridge Preparation Centre” authorized and “Trinity College London Centre” no. 33061 with years of experience in preparing students to tackle these exams with success.

The Method

The cornerstone of the “Insidenglish Method” is the quality of teaching and the professionalism of the services supported by the qualifications and enthusiasm of the entire teaching staff led by the experience of the director: Laura Jane Shearer.

Each lesson is carefully prepared by the expert teacher, in order to encourage students to learn in an effective and engaging way. Particular attention is paid to communication and conversation in the language, while never neglecting the grammatical and syntactic aspects of English.

Each student has the constant support of professional, qualified, specialized teachers in possession of TEFL (CELTA/Trinity TESOL) certificates. Most importantly we collaborate with staff who carry out their work with enthusiasm and passion.

Our School

The school is equipped with modern and bright classrooms. Our teachers have access to the most up to date technology to assist them in producing modern and engaging lessons. Outside the classroom lessons, our students can integrate their preparation, taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in our extracurricular activities such as: Conversation Club, Grammar Clinic, Exam Club and much more.

Our Promise to Students

  • You will find a qualified and professional staff;
  • Your level of linguistic competence and your progress will be carefully evaluated, analysed, and monitored;
  • You will find teaching methodologies, study materials, and updated resources;
  • You will participate in classroom activities that develop 360° language skills;
  • You will have the opportunity to consult the Director of Studies for any doubts or problems;
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in conversation, in-depth, practice, and complete exam illustration lessons through the “extra” activity program provided during the school year;
  • You can borrow material from our library equipped for students;
  • You can book “help” with a tutor, for particular needs or for any educational recovery;
  • You can prepare for exams which will allow you to obtain certifications recognized at both national and international level.

Insidenglish is an authorised centre:

Cambridge Preparation Centre

Trinity College London Centre n° 33061