Insidenglish courses

The wide range of courses offered by INSIDENGLISH can meet the needs of any student who wishes to learn English. The courses follow the guidelines laid out by the CEF (Common European Framework) of the Council of Europe and provide a systematic and practical development of the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

At INSIDENGLISH, students can attend the course which best suits their needs, under the constant supervision of an expert teacher:

  • Group courses;
  • Individual and/or semi-individual courses;
  • Online courses for small groups or individual students;
  • Business English courses.


Students are divided into groups which respect the age and needs of the participants. We organize courses for:

  • Pre-school children – nursery school-aged (maximum 8 students per group)
  • School-aged Children – primary school-aged (maximum 10 students per group)
  • Teenagers – middle and secondary school-aged (maximum 12 students per group)
  • Adults (maximum 12 students per group)

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