The courses for adolescents are designed to stimulate learning in the most natural and exciting way possible. Particular emphasis is placed on the communicative aspect of the language, without neglecting grammar and syntax. With our youngest students, the school establishes a path of excellence, measured both in terms of student satisfaction and in terms of achieving and passing international language certifications. Every year the school proudly achieves excellence, with classes of students taking and passing C1 and C2 level exams.

  • Our group courses have no more than 12 participants per group;
  • The planned duration is 60 meetings divided into two weekly lessons, starting in October and ending in May;
  • The course is taught by a teacher who is experienced and qualified in the most suitable learning methodologies for students of primary and secondary school age;
  • Each course includes the necessary preparation for international English language certifications recognised by MIUR;
  • Our course subscription fee covers the cost of all didactic material necessary for each student on the course.