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  • Our School

For years now the English language has become a fundamental tool for getting one step ahead of the rest in the world for work or study. English has become the language of international business, scientific research, global communication, internet, and of course of travel and cultural exchange. In a world where technology is bringing us all closer and closer together, knowing English is a fundamental skill and can open new doors to exciting new opportunities.

Insidenglish, as the name itself say, helps its students gain an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of English. We are a dynamic British run English language school founded in 2006. Since then we have become an authorized “Cambridge Preparation Centre” and a full Trinity College London Centre (33061.)

Our strong point is our professionalism and emphasis on quality in the language services we offer based on the notable experience and enthusiasm of our staff and the director and founder of the school, Laura Jane Shearer.


  • Our Method

At Insidenglish our lessons are taught in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with a real touch of English.

Our teachers work hard to make sure that every lesson at our school is current, thoughtfully prepared and student-centred. Our aim is to create a positive learning atmosphere where our teachers encourage our students to learn in a fun, friendly, but at the same time, rigorous way. Special emphasis is placed on communication and conversation in the English language, accompanied by in-depth grammatical and lexical study. From grammatical explanation to free conversation, we endeavour to help our students reach an all round understanding and confidence in English.

Our teachers are mother-tongue English speakers, graduates and hold a valid TEFL certificate(CELTA/Trinity Tesol). We recruit our teachers not only for their academic background but also for their genuine enthusiasm and dedication to teaching.

Our lessons take place in bright modern classrooms, equipped with all the modern technology to aid the learning process. As well as our class based lessons we also offer a series of learning aids, such as our computer room where our students can practice the language further using our CD-roms, our learning library and extra support lessons such as our Conversation Club, Grammar Clinic and Exam Club and much more, all open to our students at no extra cost.

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